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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: jack dongkel, dongkrak, kelasi
English → English (WordNet) Definition: jack jack v 1: lift with a special device; “jack up the car so you can change the tire” [syn: jack up] 2: hunt with a jacklight [syn: jacklight] jack n 1: a small worthless amount; “you don't know jack” [syn: diddly-squat, diddlysquat, diddly-shit, diddlyshit, diddly, diddley, squat, shit] 2: a man who serves as a sailor [syn: mariner, seaman, tar, Jack-tar, old salt, seafarer, gob, sea dog] 3: someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor [syn: laborer, manual laborer, labourer] 4: immense East Indian fruit resembling breadfruit of; its seeds are commonly roasted [syn: jackfruit, jak] 5: an electrical device consisting of a connector socket designed for the insertion of a plug 6: game equipment consisting of one of several small objects picked up while bouncing a ball in the game of jacks 7: small flag indicating a ship's nationality 8: one of four face cards in a deck bearing a picture of a young prince [syn: knave] 9: tool for exerting pressure or lifting 10: any of several fast-swimming predacious fishes of tropical to warm-temperate seas 11: male donkey [syn: jackass]
English → English (gcide) Definition: jack Jurel \Ju"rel\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A yellow carangoid fish of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts (Caranx chrysos), most abundant southward, where it is valued as a food fish; -- called also hardtail, horse crevall['e] , jack, buffalo jack, skipjack, yellow mackerel , and sometimes, improperly, horse mackerel. Other species of Caranx (as Caranx fallax) are also sometimes called jurel. Pike \Pike\, n. [F. pique; perhaps of Celtic origin; cf. W. pig a prick, a point, beak, Arm. pik pick. But cf. also L. picus woodpecker (see Pie magpie), and E. spike. Cf. Pick, n. & v., Peak, Pique.] 1. (Mil.) A foot soldier's weapon, consisting of a long wooden shaft or staff, with a pointed steel head. It is now superseded by the bayonet. [1913 Webster] 2. A pointed head or spike; esp., one in the center of a shield or target. --Beau. & Fl. [1913 Webster] 3. A hayfork. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] --Tusser. [1913 Webster] 4. A pick. [Prov. Eng.] --Wright. Raymond. [1913 Webster] 5. A pointed or peaked hill. [R.] [1913 Webster] 6. A large haycock. [Prov. Eng.] --Halliwell. [1913 Webster] 7. A turnpike; a toll bar. --Dickens. [1913 Webster] 8. (Zo["o]l.) sing. & pl. A large fresh-water fish (Esox lucius ), found in Europe and America, highly valued as a food fish; -- called also pickerel, gedd, luce, and jack. [1913 Webster] Note: Blue pike, grass pike, green pike, wall-eyed pike, and yellow pike, are names, not of true pike, but of the wall-eye. See Wall-eye. [1913 Webster] Gar pike. See under Gar. Pike perch (Zo["o]l.), any fresh-water fish of the genus Stizostedion (formerly Lucioperca). See Wall-eye, and Sauger. Pike pole, a long pole with a pike in one end, used in directing floating logs. Pike whale (Zo["o]l.), a finback whale of the North Atlantic (Bal[ae]noptera rostrata), having an elongated snout; -- called also piked whale. Sand pike (Zo["o]l.), the lizard fish. Sea pike (Zo["o]l.), the garfish (a) . [1913 Webster]


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