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Definition: syllogism silogisme
English → English (WordNet) Definition: syllogism syllogism n : deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises
English → English (gcide) Definition: Syllogism Syllogism \Syl"lo*gism\, n. [OE. silogisme, OF. silogime, sillogisme, F. syllogisme, L. syllogismus, Gr. syllogismo`s a reckoning all together, a reasoning, syllogism, fr. syllogi`zesqai to reckon all together, to bring at once before the mind, to infer, conclude; sy`n with, together + logi`zesqai to reckon, to conclude by reasoning. See Syn-, and Logistic, Logic.] (Logic) The regular logical form of every argument, consisting of three propositions, of which the first two are called the premises, and the last, the conclusion. The conclusion necessarily follows from the premises; so that, if these are true, the conclusion must be true, and the argument amounts to demonstration; Note: as in the following example: [1913 Webster] Every virtue is laudable; Kindness is a virtue; Therefore kindness is laudable. [1913 Webster] These propositions are denominated respectively the major premise, the minor premise, and the conclusion. [1913 Webster] Note: If the premises are not true and the syllogism is regular, the reasoning is valid, and the conclusion, whether true or false, is correctly derived. [1913 Webster]
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