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English → English (WordNet)
Definition: Brahma Brahma n 1: the Creator; one of the three major deities in the later Hindu pantheon 2: any of several breeds of Indian cattle; especially a large American heat and tick resistant grayish humped breed evolved in the Gulf States by interbreeding Indian cattle and now used chiefly for crossbreeding [syn: Brahman, Brahmin, Bos indicus]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Brahma Brahma \Brah"ma\, n. [See Brahman.] 1. (Hindu Myth.) The One First Cause; also, one of the triad of Hindu gods. The triad consists of Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver, and Siva, the Destroyer. [1913 Webster] Note: According to the Hindu religious books, Brahma (with the final a short), or Brahm, is the Divine Essence, the One First Cause, the All in All, while the personal gods, Brahm['a] (with the final a long), Vishnu, and Siva, are emanations or manifestations of Brahma the Divine Essence. [1913 Webster] 2. (Zo["o]l.) A valuable variety of large, domestic fowl, peculiar in having the comb divided lengthwise into three parts, and the legs well feathered. There are two breeds, the dark or penciled, and the light; -- called also Brahmapootra. [1913 Webster]
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