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English → English (gcide) Definition: tang whaup Whaap \Whaap\, n. [So called from one of its notes.] (Zo["o]l.) (a) The European curlew; -- called also awp, whaup, great whaup, and stock whaup. (b) The whimbrel; -- called also May whaup, little whaup, and tang whaup. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.] [1913 Webster] Whimbrel \Whim"brel\, n. [Cf. Whimper.] (Zo["o]l) Any one of several species of small curlews, especially the European species (Numenius ph[ae]opus), called also Jack curlew , half curlew, stone curlew, and tang whaup. See Illustration in Appendix. [1913 Webster] Hudsonian or, Eskimo, whimbreal, the Hudsonian curlew. [1913 Webster]


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