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English → English (WordNet) Definition: sorrel sorrel adj : of a light brownish color [syn: brownish-orange] n 1: any plant or flower of the genus Oxalis [syn: oxalis, wood sorrel ] 2: any of certain coarse weedy plants with long taproots, sometimes used as table greens or in folk medicine [syn: dock, sour grass] 3: East Indian sparsely prickly annual herb or perennial subshrub widely cultivated for its fleshy calyxes used in tarts and jelly and for its bast fiber [syn: roselle, rozelle, red sorrel, Jamaica sorrel, Hibiscus sabdariffa] 4: large sour-tasting arrowhead-shaped leaves used in salads and sauces [syn: common sorrel] 5: a horse of a brownish orange to light brown color
English → English (gcide) Definition: Sorrel Sorrel \Sor"rel\, a. [F. saur, saure, OF. sor, sore, probably of Teutonic origin; cf. D. zoor dry, LG. soor; the meaning probably coming from the color of dry leaves. See Sear, a., and cf. Sorel.] Of a yellowish or redish brown color; as, a sorrel horse. [1913 Webster] Sorrel \Sor"rel\, n. A yellowish or redish brown color. [1913 Webster] Sorrel \Sor"rel\, n. [F. surelle, fr. sur sour, fr. OHG. s?r sour. See Sour.] (Bot.) One of various plants having a sour juice; especially, a plant of the genus Rumex, as Rumex Acetosa, Rumex Acetosella , etc. [1913 Webster] Mountain sorrel. (Bot.) See under Mountain. Red sorrel. (Bot.) (a) A malvaceous plant (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) whose acid calyxes and capsules are used in the West Indies for making tarts and acid drinks. (b) A troublesome weed (Rumex Acetosella), also called sheep sorrel. Salt of sorrel (Chem.), binoxalate of potassa; -- so called because obtained from the juice of Rumex Acetosella, or Rumex Axetosa. Sorrel tree (Bot.), a small ericaceous tree (Oxydendrum arboreum ) whose leaves resemble those of the peach and have a sour taste. It is common along the Alleghanies. Called also sourwood. Wood sorrel (Bot.), any plant of the genus Oxalis. [1913 Webster]


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