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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: slit belah, celah, membelah, membuat celah, menggorok
English → English (WordNet) Definition: slitting slit n 1: a long narrow opening 2: obscene terms for female genitals [syn: cunt, puss, pussy, snatch, twat] 3: a depression scratched or carved into a surface [syn: incision, scratch, prick, dent] 4: a narrow fissure [also: slitting] slit v 1: make a clean cut through; “slit her throat” [syn: slice] 2: cut a slit into; “slit the throat of the victim” [also: slitting] slitting See slit
English → English (gcide) Definition: slitting slitting \slit"ting\ (sl[i^]t"t[i^]ng), a. & n. from slit. [1913 Webster] slitting file. See Illust. (i) of sile. slitting mill. (a) A mill where iron bars or plates are slit into narrow strips, as nail rods, and the like. (b) A machine used by lapidaries for slicing stones, usually by means of a revolving disk, called a slicer, supplied with diamond powder. slitting roller, one of a pair of rollers furnished with ribs entering between similar ribs in the other roller, and cutting like shears, -- used in slitting metals. [1913 Webster]


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