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English → English (WordNet) Definition: renovate renovate v 1: restore to a previous or better condition; “They renovated the ceiling of the Sixtine Chapel” [syn: restitute] 2: make brighter and prettier; “we refurbished the guest wing”; “My wife wants us to renovate” [syn: refurbish, freshen up ] 3: give new life or energy to; “A hot soup will revive me”; “This will renovate my spirits”; “This treatment repaired my health” [syn: animate, recreate, reanimate, revive, repair, quicken, vivify, revivify]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Renovate Renovate \Ren"o*vate\ (r?n"?-v?t), v. t. [L. renovatus, p. p. of renovare;pref. re- re- + novare to make new, fr. novus new. See New, and ?? Renew.] To make over again; to restore to freshness or vigor; to renew. [1913 Webster] All nature feels the reniovating force Of winter. --Thomson. [1913 Webster]


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