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English → English (WordNet) Definition: raddle raddle n : a red iron ore used in dyeing and marking [syn: ruddle, reddle] v 1: twist or braid together, interlace [syn: ruddle] 2: mark or paint with raddle
English → English (gcide) Definition: Raddle Raddle \Rad"dle\ (r[a^]d"d'l), n. [Cf. G. r["a]der, r["a]del, sieve, or perhaps E. reed.] 1. A long, flexible stick, rod, or branch, which is interwoven with others, between upright posts or stakes, in making a kind of hedge or fence. [1913 Webster] 2. A hedge or fence made with raddles; -- called also raddle hedge . --Todd. [1913 Webster] 3. An instrument consisting of a wooden bar, with a row of upright pegs set in it, used by domestic weavers to keep the warp of a proper width, and prevent tangling when it is wound upon the beam of the loom. [1913 Webster] Raddle \Rad"dle\ (r[a^]d"d'l), v. t. To interweave or twist together. [1913 Webster] Raddling or working it up like basket work. --De Foe. [1913 Webster] Raddle \Rad"dle\ (r[a^]d"d'l), n. [Cf. Ruddle.] A red pigment used in marking sheep, and in some mechanical processes; ruddle. “A raddle of rouge.” --Thackeray. [1913 Webster] Raddle \Rad"dle\, v. t. To mark or paint with, or as with, raddle. “Whitened and raddled old women.” --Thackeray. [1913 Webster]


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