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English → English (gcide) Definition: night churr Goatsucker \Goat"suck`er\, n. (Zo["o]l.) One of several species of insectivorous birds, belonging to Caprimulgus and allied genera, esp. the European species (Caprimulgus Europ[ae]us); -- so called from the mistaken notion that it sucks goats. The European species is also goat-milker, goat owl, goat chaffer, fern owl, night hawk , nightjar, night churr, churr-owl, gnat hawk, and dorhawk. [1913 Webster] Eve \Eve\ ([=e]v), n. [See Even, n.] 1. Evening. [Poetic] [1913 Webster] Winter oft, at eve resumes the breeze. --Thomson. [1913 Webster] 2. The evening before a holiday, -- from the Jewish mode of reckoning the day as beginning at sunset, not at midnight; as, Christmas eve is the evening before Christmas; also, the period immediately preceding some important event. “On the eve of death.” --Keble. [1913 Webster] Eve churr (Zo["o]l), the European goatsucker or nightjar; -- called also night churr, and churr owl. [1913 Webster]


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