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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: molar baham, gerahan
English → English (WordNet) Definition: molar molar n : grinding tooth with a broad crown; located behind the premolars [syn: grinder] molar adj 1: designating a solution containing 1 mole of solute per 1000 grams of solvent [syn: molal] 2: of or pertaining to molar teeth; “molar weight” 3: containing one mole of a substance; “molar weight” 4: pertaining to large units of behavior; “such molar problems of personality as the ego functions”--R.R. Hunt [syn: molar(a)] [ant: molecular(a)]
English → English (gcide) Definition: molar molar \mo"lar\ (m[=o]"l[~e]r), a. [L. moles mass.] (Mech.) Of or pertaining to a mass of matter; -- said of the properties or motions of masses, as distinguished from those of molecules or atoms. [PJC] molar \mo"lar\ (m[=o]"l[~e]r or m[=o]"l[aum]r), a. [L. moles mass.] (Chem.) Being at a concentration having the designated number of moles (of solute) per liter of solvent; as, an 0.2 molar solution of sodium chloride in water is close to isotonic. [PJC]


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