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English → English (WordNet) Definition: knock off knock off v 1: get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing; “The mafia liquidated the informer”; “the double agent was neutralized” [syn: neutralize, neutralise, liquidate, waste, do in] 2: cut the price of [syn: shave] 3: take by theft; “Someone snitched my wallet!” [syn: hook, snitch, thieve, cop, glom] 4: write quickly; “She dashed off a note to her husdband saying she would not be home for supper” [syn: dash off, toss off , fling off] 5: stop pursuing or acting; “drop a lawsuit”; “knock it off!” [syn: drop]
English → English (gcide) Definition: knock off knock off \knock off\, n. a device in a knitting machine to remove loops from the needles. [1913 Webster] knock off \knock off\, v. i. & t. 1. to quit (working). [PJC] 2. to accomplish; -- frequently used when the task is accomplished rapidly. [PJC] 3. to kill; to defeat (opponents). [Colloq.] [PJC] 4. to discount, to deduct (a sum from a price). [PJC] 5. to rob. Syn: knock over. [PJC] 6. to make a knockoff of; to copy or imitate, usually without permission or admission of copying. --[MW10] [PJC]


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