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English → English (WordNet) Definition: junk junk v : dispose of (something useless or old); “trash these old chairs”; “junk an old car”; “scrap your old computer” [syn: trash, scrap] junk n 1: the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up [syn: debris, dust, rubble, detritus] 2: any of various Chinese boats with a high poop and lugsails
English → English (gcide) Definition: Junk Junk \Junk\, n. [Pg. junco; cf. Jav. & Malay jong, ajong, Chin. chwan.] (Naut.) A large vessel, without keel or prominent stem, and with huge masts in one piece, used by the Chinese, Japanese, Siamese, Malays, etc., in navigating their waters. [1913 Webster] Junk \Junk\ (j[u^][ng]k), n. A fragment of any solid substance; a thick piece. See Chunk. [Colloq.] --Lowell. [1913 Webster] Junk \Junk\, n. [Pg. junco junk, rush, L. juncus a bulrush, of which ropes were made in early ages. Cf. Junket.] [1913 Webster] 1. Pieces of old cable or old cordage, used for making gaskets, mats, swabs, etc., and when picked to pieces, forming oakum for filling the seams of ships. [1913 Webster] 2. Old iron, or other metal, glass, paper, etc., bought and sold by junk dealers. [1913 Webster] 3. Hence: Something worthless, or only worth its value as recyclable scrap. [PJC] 4. (Naut.) Hard salted beef supplied to ships. [1913 Webster] Junk bottle, a stout bottle made of thick dark-colored glass. Junk dealer, a dealer in old cordage, old metal, glass, etc. Junk hook (Whaling), a hook for hauling heavy pieces of blubber on deck. Junk ring. (a) A packing of soft material round the piston of a steam engine. (b) A metallic ring for retaining a piston packing in place; (c) A follower. Junk shop, a shop where old cordage, and ship's tackle, old iron, old bottles, old paper, etc., are kept for sale. Junk vat (Leather Manuf.), a large vat into which spent tan liquor or ooze is pumped. Junk wad (Mil.), a wad used in proving cannon; also used in firing hot shot. [1913 Webster]


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