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English → English (WordNet) Definition: horsemint horsemint n 1: an annual horsemint of central and western United States and northern Mexico [syn: lemon mint, Monarda citriodora] 2: tall erect perennial or annual having lanceolate leaves and heads of purple-spotted creamy flowers; many subspecies grown from eastern to southwestern United States and in Mexico [syn: Monarda punctata] 3: a coarse Old World wild water mint having long leaves and spikelike clusters of flowers; naturalized in the eastern United States [syn: Mentha longifolia]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Horsemint Horsemint \Horse"mint`\, n. (Bot.) (a) A coarse American plant of the Mint family (Monarda punctata ). (b) In England, the wild mint (Mentha sylvestris). [1913 Webster] Mint \Mint\ (m[i^]nt), n. [AS. minte, fr. L. mentha, Gr. mi`nqa, mi`nqh.] (Bot.) The name of several aromatic labiate plants, mostly of the genus Mentha, yielding odoriferous essential oils by distillation. See Mentha. [1913 Webster] Note: Corn mint is Mentha arvensis. Horsemint is Mentha sylvestris, and in the United States Monarda punctata, which differs from the true mints in several respects. Mountain mint is any species of the related genus Pycnanthemum, common in North America. Peppermint is Mentha piperita. Spearmint is Mentha viridis. Water mint is Mentha aquatica. [1913 Webster] Mint camphor. (Chem.) See Menthol. Mint julep. See Julep. Mint sauce, a sauce flavored with spearmint, for meats. [1913 Webster]


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