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English → English (WordNet) Definition: forte forte adj : used chiefly as a direction or description in music; “the forte passages in the composition” [syn: loud] [ant: piano] forte n 1: an asset of special worth or utility; “cooking is his forte” [syn: strong suit, long suit, metier, specialty, speciality, strong point, strength] [ant: weak point ] 2: (music) with great loudness [syn: fortissimo] 3: the stronger part of a sword blade between the hilt and the foible forte adv : used as a direction in music; to be played relatively loudly [syn: loudly] [ant: piano]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Forte Forte \Forte\ (f[=o]rt), n. [IT. forte: cf. F. fort. See Fort.] 1. The strong point; that in which one excels. [1913 Webster] The construction of a fable seems by no means the forte of our modern poetical writers. --Jeffrey. [1913 Webster] 2. The stronger part of the blade of a sword; the part of half nearest the hilt; -- opposed to foible. [1913 Webster] Forte \For"te\ (f[^o]r"t[asl] or f[=o]r"t[asl]), adv. [It. forte, a. & adv., fr. L. fortis strong.] (Mus.) Loudly; strongly; powerfully. [1913 Webster]


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