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English → Indonesian (Kamus Landak) Definition: decrease mengurangi
English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: decrease berkurang, mengandakkan, mengurangi, menurunkan, menyurutkan, pengurangan, potongan, susut
English → English (WordNet) Definition: decrease decrease n 1: a change downward; “there was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided”; “there was a sharp drop-off in sales” [syn: lessening, drop-off] [ant: increase] 2: a process of becoming smaller or shorter [syn: decrement] [ant: increase, increase] 3: the amount by which something decreases [syn: decrement] [ant: increase] 4: the act of decreasing or reducing something [syn: diminution, reduction, step-down] [ant: increase] v 1: decrease in size, extent, or range; “The amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester”; “The cabin pressure fell dramatically”; “her weight fall to under a hundred pounds”; “his voice fell to a whisper” [syn: diminish, lessen, fall] [ant: increase] 2: make smaller; “He decreased his staff” [syn: lessen, minify] [ant: increase]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Decrease Decrease \De*crease"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Decreased; p. pr. & vb. n. Decreasing.] [OE. decrecen, fr. OF. decreistre, F. d['e]cro[^i]tre, or from the OF. noun (see Decrease, n.), fr. L. decrescere to grow less; de + crescere to grow. See Crescent, and cf. Increase.] To grow less, -- opposed to increase; to be diminished gradually, in size, degree, number, duration, etc., or in strength, quality, or excellence; as, they days decrease in length from June to December. [1913 Webster] He must increase, but I must decrease. --John iii. 30. Syn: To Decrease, Diminish. Usage: Things usually decrease or fall off by degrees, and from within, or through some cause which is imperceptible; as, the flood decreases; the cold decreases; their affection has decreased. Things commonly diminish by an influence from without, or one which is apparent; as, the army was diminished by disease; his property is diminishing through extravagance; their affection has diminished since their separation their separation. The turn of thought, however, is often such that these words may be interchanged. [1913 Webster] The olive leaf, which certainly them told The flood decreased. --Drayton. [1913 Webster] Crete's ample fields diminish to our eye; Before the Boreal blasts the vessels fly. --Pope. [1913 Webster] Decrease \De*crease"\, v. t. To cause to grow less; to diminish gradually; as, extravagance decreases one's means. [1913 Webster] That might decrease their present store. --Prior. [1913 Webster] Decrease \De*crease"\, n. [OE. decrees, OF. decreis, fr. decreistre. See Decrease, v.] 1. A becoming less; gradual diminution; decay; as, a decrease of revenue or of strength. [1913 Webster] 2. The wane of the moon. --Bacon. [1913 Webster]


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