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English → Indonesian (Kamus Landak) Definition: cry menangis
English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: cry berteriak, menangis, pekikan, recet, seruan, tangis, teriakan
English → English (WordNet) Definition: cry cry n 1: a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition; “the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience” [syn: outcry, call, yell, shout, vociferation] 2: a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate); “a cry of rage”; “a yell of pain” [syn: yell] 3: a slogan used to rally support for a cause; “a cry to arms”; "our watchword will be `democracy'" [syn: war cry, rallying cry , battle cry, watchword] 4: a fit of weeping; “had a good cry” 5: the characteristic utterance of an animal; “animal cries filled the night” [also: cried, cryings (pl), crying (pl)] cry v 1: utter a sudden loud cry; “she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle”; “I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me” [syn: shout, shout out , call, yell, scream, holler, hollo, squall] 2: shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain; “She cried bitterly when she heard the news of his death”; “The girl in the wheelchair wept with frustration when she could not get up the stairs” [syn: weep] [ant: laugh] 3: utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy; "`I won!' he exclaimed“; ”`Help!' she cried“; ”`I'm here,' the mother shouted when she saw her child looking lost" [syn: exclaim, cry out, outcry, call out, shout] 4: proclaim or announce in public; “before we had newspapers, a town cryer would cry the news”; “He cried his merchandise in the market square” [syn: blazon out] 5: demand immediate action; “This situation is crying for attention” 6: utter a characteristic sound; “The cat was crying” 7: bring into a particular state by crying; “The little boy cried himself to sleep” [also: cried, cryings (pl), crying (pl)]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Cries Cry \Cry\ (kr?), n.; pl. Cries (kr?z). [F. cri, fr. crier to cry. See Cry, v. i. ] 1. A loud utterance; especially, the inarticulate sound produced by one of the lower animals; as, the cry of hounds; the cry of wolves. --Milton. [1913 Webster] 2. Outcry; clamor; tumult; popular demand. [1913 Webster] Again that cry was found to have been as unreasonable as ever. --Macaulay. [1913 Webster] 3. Any expression of grief, distress, etc., accompanied with tears or sobs; a loud sound, uttered in lamentation. [1913 Webster] There shall be a great cry throughout all the land. --Ex. xi. 6. [1913 Webster] An infant crying in the night, An infant crying for the light; And with no language but a cry. --Tennyson. [1913 Webster] 4. Loud expression of triumph or wonder or of popular acclamation or favor. --Swift. [1913 Webster] The cry went once on thee. --Shak. [1913 Webster] 5. Importunate supplication. [1913 Webster] O, the most piteous cry of the poor souls. --Shak. [1913 Webster] 6. Public advertisement by outcry; proclamation, as by hawkers of their wares. [1913 Webster] The street cries of London. --Mayhew. [1913 Webster] 7. Common report; fame. [1913 Webster] The cry goes that you shall marry her. --Shak. [1913 Webster] 8. A word or phrase caught up by a party or faction and repeated for effect; as, the party cry of the Tories. [1913 Webster] All now depends upon a good cry. --Beaconsfield. [1913 Webster] 9. A pack of hounds. --Milton. [1913 Webster] A cry more tunable Was never hollaed to, nor cheered with horn. --Shak. [1913 Webster] 10. A pack or company of persons; -- in contempt. [1913 Webster] Would not this . . . get me a fellowship in a cry of players? --Shak. [1913 Webster] 11. The crackling noise made by block tin when it is bent back and forth. [1913 Webster] A far cry, a long distance; -- in allusion to the sending of criers or messengers through the territory of a Scottish clan with an announcement or summons. [1913 Webster]


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