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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: continuous aduk-adukan, berkepanjangan, berkesinambungan, berpanjang-panjang
English → English (WordNet) Definition: continuous continuous adj 1: continuing in time or space without interruption; “a continuous rearrangement of electrons in the solar atoms results in the emission of light”- James Jeans; “a continuous bout of illness lasting six months”; “lived in continuous fear”; “a continuous row of warehouses”; “a continuous line has no gaps or breaks in it”; “moving midweek holidays to the nearest Monday or Friday allows uninterrupted work weeks” [syn: uninterrupted] [ant: discontinuous] 2: of a function or curve; extending without break or irregularity [ant: discontinuous]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Continuous Continuous \Con*tin"u*ous\, a. [L. continuus, fr. continere to hold together. See Continent.] 1. Without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening space or time; uninterrupted; unbroken; continual; unceasing; constant; continued; protracted; extended; as, a continuous line of railroad; a continuous current of electricity. [1913 Webster] he can hear its continuous murmur. --Longfellow. [1913 Webster] 2. (Bot.) Not deviating or varying from uninformity; not interrupted; not joined or articulated. [1913 Webster] Continuous brake (Railroad), a brake which is attached to each car a train, and can be caused to operate in all the cars simultaneously from a point on any car or on the engine. Continuous impost. See Impost. Syn: Continuous, Continual. Usage: Continuous is the stronger word, and denotes that the continuity or union of parts is absolute and uninterrupted; as, a continuous sheet of ice; a continuous flow of water or of argument. So Daniel Webster speaks of “a continuous and unbroken strain of the martial airs of England.” Continual, in most cases, marks a close and unbroken succession of things, rather than absolute continuity. Thus we speak of continual showers, implying a repetition with occasional interruptions; we speak of a person as liable to continual calls, or as subject to continual applications for aid, etc. See Constant. [1913 Webster]


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