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English → English (WordNet) Definition: conk conk v 1: come to a stop; “The car stalled in the driveway” [syn: stall] 2: hit, especially on the head; “The stranger conked him and he fainted” 3: die; “The old man finally kicked the bucket” [syn: kick the bucket , cash in one's chips, buy the farm, give-up the ghost , drop dead, pop off, choke, croak, snuff it ] 4: pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain [syn: faint, swoon, pass out] conk n : informal term for the nose
English → English (gcide) Definition: conk conk \conk\ (k[o^][ng]k), n. 1. the head. [slang] [PJC] 2. a blow to the head. [slang] [PJC] conk \conk\ (k[o^][ng]k), v. t. to hit on the head; as, to conk someone on the head with a pipe. [slang] [PJC]


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