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English → English (gcide) Definition: C6H5OH Phenol \Phe"nol\, n. [Gr. ? to show + -ol: cf. F. ph['e]nol.] (Chem.) 1. A white or pinkish crystalline substance, C6H5OH, produced by the destructive distillation of many organic bodies, as wood, coal, etc., and obtained from the heavy oil from coal tar. [1913 Webster] Note: It has a peculiar odor, somewhat resembling creosote, which is a complex mixture of phenol derivatives. It is of the type of alcohols, and is called also phenyl alcohol , but has acid properties, and hence is popularly called carbolic acid, and was formerly called phenic acid. It is a powerful caustic poison, and in dilute solution has been used as an antiseptic. [1913 Webster] 2. Any one of the series of hydroxyl derivatives of which phenol proper is the type. [1913 Webster] Glacial phenol (Chem.), pure crystallized phenol or carbolic acid. Phenol acid (Chem.), any one of a series of compounds which are at once derivatives of both phenol and some member of the fatty acid series; thus, salicylic acid is a phenol acid. Phenol alcohol (Chem.), any one of series of derivatives of phenol and carbinol which have the properties of both combined; thus, saligenin is a phenol alcohol. Phenol aldehyde (Chem.), any one of a series of compounds having both phenol and aldehyde properties. Phenol phthalein. See under Phthalein. [1913 Webster] Carbolic acid \Car*bol“ic ac”id\ (k[aum]r*b[o^]l"[i^]k [a^]s"[i^]d), n. [L. carbo coal + oleum oil.] (Chem.) same as phenol[1], (C6H5.OH). See phenol[1]. Syn: phenol[1], hydroxybenzene, phenyl hydroxide, phenic acid. [PJC]


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