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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: analytical analitis
English → English (WordNet) Definition: analytical analytical adj 1: using or skilled in using analysis (i.e., separating a whole--intellectual or substantial--into its elemental parts or basic principles); “an analytic experiment”; “an analytic approach”; “a keenly analytic man”; “analytical reasoning”; “an analytical mind” [syn: analytic] [ant: synthetic] 2: of a proposition that is necessarily true independent of fact or experience; "`all spinsters are unmarried' is an analytic proposition" [syn: analytic] [ant: synthetic]
English → English (gcide) Definition: analytical analytical \analytical\ adj. 1. of or pertaining to analysis (definition 2). [WordNet 1.5] 2. (Logic) of a proposition; necessarily true independent of fact or experience, such as “all spinsters are unmarried”. Opposite of synthetic. Also See: a priori , deductive, {logical. [WordNet 1.5] 3. 1 exercising or involving careful analytical evaluations; as, analytic reasoning; an analytical discussion. Syn: appraising(prenominal), evaluative. [WordNet 1.5] 4. capable of or given to analyzing; -- of people. an analytical mind [WordNet 1.5] Analytical geometry or co["o]rdinate geometry. See under Geometry. Analytic language, a noninflectional language or one not characterized by grammatical endings. Analytical table (Nat. Hist.), a table in which the characteristics of the species or other groups are arranged so as to facilitate the determination of their names. [1913 Webster]


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