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English → English (gcide) Definition: Sexagesimal scale Sexagenary \Sex*ag"e*na*ry\, a. [L. sexagenarius, fr. sexageni sixty each, akin to sexaginta sixty, sex six: cf. sexag['e]naire. See Six.] Pertaining to, or designating, the number sixty; poceeding by sixties; sixty years old. [1913 Webster] Sexagenary arithmetic. See under Sexagesimal. Sexagenary scale, or Sexagesimal scale (Math.), a scale of numbers in which the modulus is sixty. It is used in treating the divisions of the circle. [1913 Webster] Sexagesimal \Sex`a*ges"i*mal\, a. [Cf. F. sexag['e]simal.] Pertaining to, or founded on, the number sixty. [1913 Webster] Sexagesimal fractions or Sexagesimal numbers (Arith. & Alg.), those fractions whose denominators are some power of sixty; as, 1/60, 1/3600, 1/216000; -- called also astronomical fractions, because formerly there were no others used in astronomical calculations. Sexagesimal arithmetic, or Sexagenary arithmetic, the method of computing by the sexagenary scale, or by sixties. Sexagesimal scale (Math.), the sexagenary scale. [1913 Webster]


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