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English → English (gcide) Definition: Rumex crispus Rumicin \Ru"mi*cin\, n. (Chem.) A yellow crystalline substance found in the root of yellow dock (Rumex crispus) and identical with chrysophanic acid . [1913 Webster] Dock \Dock\ (d[o^]k), n. [AS. docce; of uncertain origin; cf. G. docken-bl["a]tter, Gael. dogha burdock, OF. doque; perh. akin to L. daucus, daucum, Gr. ?, ?, a kind of parsnip or carrot, used in medicine. Cf. Burdock.] (Bot.) A genus of plants (Rumex), some species of which are well-known weeds which have a long taproot and are difficult of extermination. [1913 Webster] Note: Yellow dock is Rumex crispus, with smooth curly leaves and yellow root, which that of other species is used medicinally as an astringent and tonic. [1913 Webster]


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