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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Rochelle powder Rochelle powder n : an effervescing salt containing sodium bicarbonate and Rochelle salt and tartaric acid; used as a cathartic [syn: Seidlitz powder, Seidlitz powders]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Rochelle powders Seidlitz \Seid"litz\, a. Of or pertaining to Seidlitz, a village in Bohemia. [Written also Sedlitz.] [1913 Webster] Seidlitz powders, effervescing salts, consisting of two separate powders, one of which contains forty grains of sodium bicarbonate mixed with two drachms of Rochell? salt (tartrate of potassium and sodium) and the other contains thirty-five grains of tartaric acid. The powders are mixed in water, and drunk while effervescing, as a mild cathartic; -- so called from the resemblance to the natural water of Seidlitz. Called also Rochelle powders. Seidlitz water, a natural water from Seidlitz, containing magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium sulphates, with calcium carbonate and a little magnesium chloride. It is used as an aperient. [1913 Webster] Rochelle \Ro*chelle"\, n. A seaport town in France. [1913 Webster] Rochelle powders. Same as Seidlitz powders. Rochelle salt (Chem.), the double tartrate of sodium and potassium, a white crystalline substance. It has a cooling, saline, slightly bitter taste and is employed as a mild purgative. It was discovered by Seignette, an apothecary of Rochelle, and is called also Seignete's salt . [1913 Webster]


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