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English → English (gcide) Definition: No great shakes Shake \Shake\, n. 1. The act or result of shaking; a vacillating or wavering motion; a rapid motion one way and other; a trembling, quaking, or shivering; agitation. [1913 Webster] The great soldier's honor was composed Of thicker stuff, which could endure a shake. --Herbert. [1913 Webster] Our salutations were very hearty on both sides, consisting of many kind shakes of the hand. --Addison. [1913 Webster] 2. A fissure or crack in timber, caused by its being dried too suddenly. --Gwilt. [1913 Webster] 3. A fissure in rock or earth. [1913 Webster] 4. (Mus.) A rapid alternation of a principal tone with another represented on the next degree of the staff above or below it; a trill. [1913 Webster] 5. (Naut.) One of the staves of a hogshead or barrel taken apart. --Totten. [1913 Webster] 6. A shook of staves and headings. --Knight. [1913 Webster] 7. (Zo["o]l.) The redshank; -- so called from the nodding of its head while on the ground. [Prov. Eng.] [1913 Webster] No great shakes, of no great importance. [Slang] --Byron. The shakes, the fever and ague. [Colloq. U.S.] [1913 Webster]


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