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English → Indonesian (Kamus Landak) Definition: narrow sempit
English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: narrow ciut, cupat, genting, memperciut, menciutkan, menyempit, menyempitkan, sempit
English → English (WordNet) Definition: narrow narrow adj 1: not wide; “a narrow bridge”; “a narrow line across the page” [ant: wide] 2: limited in size or scope; “the narrow sense of a word” 3: lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view; “a brilliant but narrow-minded judge”; “narrow opinions” [syn: narrow-minded] [ant: broad-minded] 4: very limited in degree; “won by a narrow margin”; “a narrow escape” [ant: wide] 5: characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination; “a minute inspection of the grounds”; “a narrow scrutiny”; “an exact and minute report” [syn: minute] narrow v 1: make or become more narrow or restricted; “The selection was narrowed”; “The road narrowed” [syn: contract] [ant: widen] 2: define clearly; “I cannot narrow down the rules for this game” [syn: pin down, peg down, nail down, narrow down , specify] 3: become more special; “We specialize in dried flowers” [syn: specialize, specialise, narrow down] [ant: diversify, diversify] 4: become tight or as if tight; “Her throat constricted” [syn: constrict, constringe] narrow n : a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water
English → English (gcide) Definition: Narrows Narrow \Nar"row\, n.; pl. Narrows. A narrow passage; esp., a contracted part of a stream, lake, or sea; a strait connecting two bodies of water; -- usually in the plural; as, The Narrows of New York harbor. [1913 Webster] Near the island lay on one side the jaws of a dangerous narrow. --Gladstone. [1913 Webster]


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