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English → English (gcide) Definition: Malarial fever Malarial \Ma*la"ri*al\, Malarian \Ma*la"ri*an\, Malarious \Ma*la"ri*ous\, a. Of or pertaining, to or infected by, malaria. [1913 Webster] Malarial fever (Med.), a fever produced by malaria, and characterized by the occurrence of chills, fever, and sweating in distinct paroxysms, At intervals of definite and often uniform duration, in which these symptoms are wholly absent (intermittent fever), or only partially so (remittent fever); fever and ague; chills and fever. [1913 Webster] Remittent \Re*mit"tent\ (r?-m?t"tent), a. [L. remittens, p. pr. : cf. F. r['e]mittent.] Remitting; characterized by remission; having remissions. [1913 Webster] Remittent fever (Med.), a fever in which the symptoms temporarily abate at regular intervals, but do not wholly cease. See Malarial fever, under Malarial. [1913 Webster]


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