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English → English (WordNet) Definition: locomotor ataxia locomotor ataxia n : syphilis of the spinal cord characterized by degeneration of sensory neurons and stabbing pains in the trunk and legs and unsteady gait and incontinence and impotence [syn: tabes dorsalis ]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Locomotor ataxia Locomotor \Lo`co*mo"tor\, a. [See Locomotion.] Of or pertaining to movement or locomotion. [1913 Webster] Locomotor ataxia, or Progressive locomotor ataxy (Med.), a disease of the spinal cord characterized by peculiar disturbances of gait, and difficulty in co["o]rdinating voluntary movements. [1913 Webster] Ataxia \A*tax"i*a\, Ataxy \At"ax*y\, n. [NL. ataxia, Gr. ?, fr. ? out of order; 'a priv. + ? ordered, arranged, ? to put in order: cf. F. ataxie.] 1. Disorder; irregularity. [Obs.] --Bp. Hall. [1913 Webster] 2. (Med.) (a) Irregularity in disease, or in the functions. (b) The state of disorder that characterizes nervous fevers and the nervous condition. [archaic] [1913 Webster] 3. (Med.) Loss of coordination in the voluntary muscles, especially the limbs; an inability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements; it results in unsteady movements and a staggering gait. See also locomotor ataxia, an ataxia which occurs when attempting to perform coordinated muscular movements. Syn: ataxy [WordNet 1.5 +PJC] Locomotor ataxia. See Locomotor. [1913 Webster]


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