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English → Indonesian (Kamus Landak) Definition: invisible tak terlihat
English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: invisible gaib, tak kelihatan
English → English (WordNet) Definition: invisible invisible adj 1: impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye; “the invisible man”; “invisible rays”; “an invisible hinge”; “invisible mending” [syn: unseeable] [ant: visible] 2: not prominent or readily noticeable; “he pushed the string through an inconspicuous hole”; “the invisible man” [syn: inconspicuous] [ant: conspicuous]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Invisible Invisible \In*vis"i*ble\, n. 1. An invisible person or thing; specifically, God, the Supreme Being. [1913 Webster] 2. A Rosicrucian; -- so called because avoiding declaration of his craft. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] 3. (Eccl. Hist.) One of those (as in the 16th century) who denied the visibility of the church. --Shipley. [1913 Webster] Invisible \In*vis"i*ble\, a. [F. invisible, L. invisibilis. See In- not, and Visible.] 1. Incapable of being seen; not perceptible by vision; not visible. Specifically: (a) Not visible due to an inherent property, such as lack of color; as, the invisible air; invisible ink; (b) hidden from view; out of sight; (c) Not perceptible due to lack of light; (d) Too small or too distant to be perceived; as, people on the ground invisible at cruising altitude. [1913 Webster +PJC] To us invisible, or dimly seen In these thy lowest works. --Milton. [1913 Webster] 2. Hidden from the public; as, invisible transactions. [PJC] 3. imperceptible to the mind; as, differences invisible to most observers. [PJC] Invisible bird (Zo["o]l.), a small, shy singing bird (Myadestes sibilons), of St. Vincent Islands. Invisible green, a very dark shade of green, approaching to black, and liable to be mistaken for it. [1913 Webster]


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