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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Indo-European Indo-European n 1: a member of the prehistoric people who spoke Proto-Indo European [syn: Aryan] 2: the family of languages that by 1000 BC were spoken throughout Europe and in parts of southwestern and southern Asia [syn: Indo-European language, Indo-Hittite] Indo-European adj 1: of or relating to the Indo-European language family [syn: Indo-Germanic] 2: of or relating to the former Indo-European people; “Indo-European migrations” [syn: Indo-Aryan, Aryan]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Indo-European Indo-European \In`do-Eu`ro*pe"an\, a. Aryan; -- applied to the languages of India and Europe which are derived from the prehistoric Aryan language; also, pertaining to the people or nations who speak these languages; as, the Indo-European or Aryan family. [1913 Webster] The common origin of the Indo-European nations. --Tylor. [1913 Webster] Indo-European \In`do-Eu`ro*pe"an\ A member of one of the Caucasian races of Europe or India speaking an Indo-European language. Professor Otto Schrader . . . considers that the oldest probable domicile of the Indo-Europeans is to be sought for on the common borderland of Asia and of Europe, -- in the steppe country of southern Russia. --Census of India, 1901. [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


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