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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: ethical etik, etis, pantas
English → English (WordNet) Definition: ethical ethical adj 1: of or relating to the philosophical study of ethics; “ethical codes”; “ethical theories” 2: conforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior; “an ethical lawyer”; “ethical medical practice”; “an ethical problem”; “had no ethical objection to drinking”; “Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants”- Omar N. Bradley [ant: unethical] 3: adhering to ethical and moral principles; “it seems ethical and right”; “followed the only honorable course of action”; “had the moral courage to stand alone” [syn: honorable, honourable, moral]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Ethical Ethic \Eth"ic\, Ethical \Eth"ic*al\, a. [L. ethicus, Gr. ?, fr. ? custom, usage, character, dwelling; akin to ? custom, Goth. sidus, G. sitte, Skr. svadh?, prob. orig., one's own doing; sva self + dh? to set: cf. F. ['e]thique. See So, Do.] Of, or belonging to, morals; treating of the moral feelings or duties; containing percepts of morality; moral; as, ethic discourses or epistles; an ethical system; ethical philosophy. [1913 Webster] The ethical meaning of the miracles. --Trench. [1913 Webster] Ethical dative (Gram.), a use of the dative of a pronoun to signify that the person or thing spoken of is regarded with interest by some one; as, Quid mihi Celsus agit? How does my friend Celsus do? [1913 Webster]


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