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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: empty dengan tangan kosong, gabuk, gerohok, gombal, hampa, kosong, luang, melengangkan, mengalir, mengosongkan, menuangkan
English → English (WordNet) Definition: empty empty adj 1: holding or containing nothing; “an empty glass”; “an empty room”; “full of empty seats”; “empty hours” [ant: full] 2: devoid of significance or point; “empty promises”; “a hollow victory”; “vacuous comments” [syn: hollow, vacuous] 3: having nothing inside; “an empty sphere” 4: needing nourishment; “after skipped lunch the men were empty by suppertime”; “empty-bellied children” [syn: empty-bellied] 5: emptied of emotion; “after the violent argument he felt empty” [also: emptied, emptiest, emptier] empty v 1: make void or empty of contents; “Empty the box”; “The alarm emptied the building” [ant: fill] 2: become empty or void of its content; “The room emptied” [syn: discharge] [ant: fill] 3: leave behind empty; move out of; “You must vacate your office by tonight” [syn: vacate, abandon] 4: remove; “Empty the water” 5: excrete or discharge from the body [syn: evacuate, void] [also: emptied, emptiest, emptier] empty n : a container that has been emptied; “return all empties to the store” [also: emptied, emptiest, emptier]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Empties Empty \Emp"ty\, n.; pl. Empties. An empty box, crate, cask, etc.; -- used in commerce, esp. in transportation of freight; as, “special rates for empties.” [1913 Webster]


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