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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Emberiza hortulana Emberiza hortulana n : brownish Old World bunting often eaten as a delicacy [syn: ortolan, ortolan bunting]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Emberiza hortulana Ortolan \Or"to*lan\, n. [F., fr. It. ortolano ortolan, gardener, fr. L. hortulanus gardener, fr. hortulus, dim. of hortus garden. So called because it frequents the hedges of gardens. See Yard an inclosure, and cf. Hortulan.] (Zo["o]l.) (a) A European singing bird (Emberiza hortulana), about the size of the lark, with black wings. It is esteemed delicious food when fattened. Called also bunting. (b) In England, the wheatear (Saxicola [oe]nanthe). (c) In America, the sora, or Carolina rail (Porzana Carolina ). See Sora. [1913 Webster] Bunting \Bun"ting\, n. [Scot. buntlin, corn-buntlin, OE. bunting, buntyle; of unknown origin.] (Zo["o]l.) A bird of the genus Emberiza, or of an allied genus, related to the finches and sparrows (family Fringillid[ae]). [1913 Webster] Note: Among European species are the common or corn bunting (Emberiza miliaria); the ortolan (Emberiza hortulana ); the cirl (Emberiza cirlus); and the black-headed (Granitivora melanocephala). American species are the bay-winged or grass (Po["o]c[ae]tes gramineus or Po[oe]cetes gramineus); the black-throated (Spiza Americana); the towhee bunting or chewink (Pipilo); the snow bunting (Plectrophanax nivalis ); the rice bunting or bobolink, and others. See Ortolan, Chewick, Snow bunting, Lark bunting . [1913 Webster]


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