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English → English (gcide) Definition: Dividing sinker Sinker \Sink"er\, n. One who, or that which, sinks. Specifically: (a) A weight on something, as on a fish line, to sink it. (b) In knitting machines, one of the thin plates, blades, or other devices, that depress the loops upon or between the needles. [1913 Webster] Dividing sinker, in knitting machines, a sinker between two jack sinkers and acting alternately with them. Jack sinker. See under Jack, n. Sinker bar. (a) In knitting machines, a bar to which one set of the sinkers is attached. (b) In deep well boring, a heavy bar forming a connection between the lifting rope and the boring tools, above the jars. [1913 Webster] Dividing \Di*vid"ing\, a. That divides; separating; marking divisions; graduating. [1913 Webster] Dividing engine, a machine for graduating circles (as for astronomical instruments) or bars (as for scales); also, for spacing off and cutting teeth in wheels. Dividing sinker. (Knitting Mach.). See under Sinker. [1913 Webster]


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