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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Cornus florida Cornus florida n : deciduous tree; celebrated for its large white or pink bracts and stunning autumn color that is followed by red berries [syn: common white dogwood, eastern flowering dogwood ]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Cornus florida Cornel \Cor"nel\ (-n?l), n. [OF. cornille, cornoille, F. cornouille, cornel berry, LL. cornolium cornel tree, fr. L. cornus, fr. cornu horn, in allusion to the hardness of the wood. See Horn.] 1. (Bot.) The cornelian cherry (Cornus Mas), a European shrub with clusters of small, greenish flowers, followed by very acid but edible drupes resembling cherries. [1913 Webster] 2. Any species of the genus Cornus, as Cornus florida, the flowering cornel; Cornus stolonifera, the osier cornel; Cornus Canadensis, the dwarf cornel, or bunchberry. [1913 Webster] Cornic \Cor"nic\ (k[^o]r"n[i^]k), a. Pertaining to, derived from, or resembling, the dogwood (Cornus florida). [1913 Webster] Cornin \Cor"nin\ (k?r"n?n), n. (Chem.) (a) A bitter principle obtained from dogwood (Cornus florida ), as a white crystalline substance; -- called also cornic acid. (b) An extract from dogwood used as a febrifuge. [1913 Webster] Dogwood \Dog"wood`\ (-w[oo^]d`), n. [So named from skewers (dags) being made of it. --Dr. Prior. See Dag, and Dagger.] (Bot.) The Cornus, a genus of large shrubs or small trees, the wood of which is exceedingly hard, and serviceable for many purposes. [1913 Webster] Note: There are several species, one of which, Cornus mascula , called also cornelian cherry, bears a red acid berry. Cornus florida is the flowering dogwood, a small American tree with very showy blossoms. [1913 Webster] Dogwood tree. (a) The dogwood or Cornus. (b) A papilionaceous tree (Piscidia erythrina) growing in Jamaica. It has narcotic properties; -- called also Jamaica dogwood. [1913 Webster]


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