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English → Indonesian (Kamus Landak) Definition: call memanggil
English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: caller orang yang memanggil
English → English (WordNet) Definition: caller caller n 1: a social or business visitor; “the room was a mess because he hadn't expected company” [syn: company] 2: an investor who buys a call option 3: the bettor in a card game who matches the bet and calls for a show of hands 4: a person who announces the changes of steps during a dance; “you need a fiddler and a caller for country dancing” [syn: caller-out] 5: someone who proclaims or summons in a loud voice; “the callers were mothers summoning their children home for dinner” 6: the person who convenes a meeting; “who is the caller of this meeting?” 7: the person initiating a telephone call; “there were so many callers that he finally disconnected the telephone” [syn: caller-up, phoner, telephoner] caller adj 1: providing coolness; “a cooling breeze”; "`caller' is a Scottish term as in `a caller breeze'" 2: fresh; “caller fish”
English → English (gcide) Definition: Caller Caller \Call"er\, n. One who calls. [1913 Webster] || Caller \Cal"ler\, a. [Scot.] 1. Cool; refreshing; fresh; as, a caller day; the caller air. --Jamieson. [1913 Webster] 2. Fresh; in good condition; as, caller berrings. [1913 Webster]


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