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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: bard pengarang syair
English → English (WordNet) Definition: bard bard v : put a caparison on; “caparison the horses for the festive occasion” [syn: caparison, dress up] bard n 1: a lyric poet 2: an ornamental caparison for a horse
English → English (gcide) Definition: Bard Bard \Bard\ (b[aum]rd), n. [Of Celtic origin; cf. W. bardd, Arm. barz, Ir. & Gael. bard, and F. barde.] 1. A professional poet and singer, as among the ancient Celts, whose occupation was to compose and sing verses in honor of the heroic achievements of princes and brave men. [1913 Webster] 2. Hence: A poet; as, the bard of Avon. [1913 Webster] Bard \Bard\, Barde \Barde\ (b[aum]rd), n. [F. barde, of doubtful origin.] [1913 Webster] 1. A piece of defensive (or, sometimes, ornamental) armor for a horse's neck, breast, and flanks; a barb. [Often in the pl.] [1913 Webster] 2. pl. Defensive armor formerly worn by a man at arms. [1913 Webster] 3. (Cookery) A thin slice of fat bacon used to cover any meat or game. [1913 Webster] Bard \Bard\, v. t. (Cookery) To cover (meat or game) with a thin slice of fat bacon. [1913 Webster] Bard \Bard\, n. [Akin to Dan. & Sw. bark, Icel. b["o]rkr, LG. & HG. borke.] 1. The exterior covering of the trunk and branches of a tree; the rind. [1913 Webster] 2. Specifically, Peruvian bark. [1913 Webster] Bark bed. See Bark stove (below). Bark pit, a pit filled with bark and water, in which hides are steeped in tanning. Bark stove (Hort.), a glazed structure for keeping tropical plants, having a bed of tanner's bark (called a bark bed) or other fermentable matter which produces a moist heat. [1913 Webster]


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