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English → English (WordNet) Definition: woodcock snipe woodcock snipe n 1: Old World snipe larger and darker than the whole snipe [syn: great snipe, Gallinago media] 2: small long-billed American woodcock; prized as a game bird [syn: American woodcock, Philohela minor]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Woodcock snipe Snipe \Snipe\, n. [OE. snipe; akin to D. snep, snip, LG. sneppe, snippe, G. schnepfe, Icel. sn[=i]pa (in comp.), Dan. sneppe, Sw. sn["a]ppa a sanpiper, and possibly to E. snap. See Snap, Snaffle.] 1. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of limicoline game birds of the family Scolopacid[ae], having a long, slender, nearly straight beak. [1913 Webster] Note: The common, or whole, snipe (Gallinago c[oe]lestis) and the great, or double, snipe (G. major), are the most important European species. The Wilson's snipe (G. delicata) (sometimes erroneously called English snipe ) and the gray snipe, or dowitcher (Macrohamphus griseus ), are well-known American species. [1913 Webster] 2. A fool; a blockhead. [R.] --Shak. [1913 Webster] Half snipe, the dunlin; the jacksnipe. Jack snipe. See Jacksnipe. Quail snipe. See under Quail. Robin snipe, the knot. Sea snipe. See in the Vocabulary. Shore snipe, any sandpiper. Snipe hawk, the marsh harrier. [Prov. Eng.] Stone snipe, the tattler. Summer snipe, the dunlin; the green and the common European sandpipers. Winter snipe. See Rock snipe, under Rock. Woodcock snipe, the great snipe. [1913 Webster] Woodcock \Wood"cock`\, n. [AS. wuducoc.] [1913 Webster] 1. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of several species of long-billed limicoline birds belonging to the genera Scolopax and Philohela. They are mostly nocturnal in their habits, and are highly esteemed as game birds. [1913 Webster] Note: The most important species are the European (Scolopax rusticola ) and the American woodcock (Philohela minor ), which agree very closely in appearance and habits. [1913 Webster] 2. Fig.: A simpleton. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] If I loved you not, I would laugh at you, and see you Run your neck into the noose, and cry, “A woodcock!” --Beau. & Fl. [1913 Webster] Little woodcock. (a) The common American snipe. (b) The European snipe. Sea woodcock fish, the bellows fish. Woodcock owl, the short-eared owl (Asio brachyotus). Woodcock shell, the shell of certain mollusks of the genus Murex, having a very long canal, with or without spines. Woodcock snipe. See under Snipe. [1913 Webster]


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