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English → Indonesian (quick) Definition: put away menyingkirkan
English → English (WordNet) Definition: put away put away v 1: place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape; “The parents locked her daughter up for the weekend”; “She locked her jewels in the safe” [syn: lock in, lock away, lock, shut up, shut away , lock up] 2: throw or cast away; “Put away your worries” [syn: discard, fling, toss, toss out, toss away, chuck out, cast aside , dispose, throw out, cast out, throw away, cast away] 3: lock up or confine, in or as in a jail; “The suspects were imprisoned without trial”; “the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life” [syn: imprison, incarcerate, lag, immure, put behind bars, jail, jug, gaol, remand] 4: kill gently, as with an injection; “the cat was very ill and we had to put it to sleep” [syn: put to sleep] 5: eat up; usually refers to a considerable quantity of food; “My son tucked in a whole pizza” [syn: tuck in, tuck away ] 6: turn away from and put aside, perhaps temporarily; “She turned away from her painting”


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