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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Theobroma cacao Theobroma cacao n : tropical American tree producing cacao beans [syn: cacao, cacao tree, chocolate tree]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Theobroma Cacao Sterculiaceous \Ster*cu`li*a"ceous\, a. [NL. Sterculia, the typical genus, fr. L. Sterculius the deity that presided over manuring, from stercus dung. So called because one of the original species is fetid.] (Bot.) Of or pertaining to a natural order (Sterculiace[ae]) of polypetalous exogenous plants, mostly tropical. The cacao (Theobroma Cacao) is the most useful plant of the order. [1913 Webster] Theobromine \The`o*bro"mine\, n. (Chem.) An alkaloidal ureide, C7H8N4O2, homologous with and resembling caffeine, produced artificially, and also extracted from cacao and chocolate (from Theobroma Cacao) as a bitter white crystalline substance; -- called also dimethyl xanthine. [1913 Webster] cacao \ca*ca"o\, n. [Sp., fr. Mex. kakahuatl. Cf. Cocoa, Chocolate] (Bot.) A small evergreen tree (Theobroma Cacao) of South America and the West Indies. Its fruit contains an edible pulp, inclosing seeds about the size of an almond, from which cocoa, chocolate, and broma are prepared. [1913 Webster] || Chocolate \Choc"o*late\, n. [Sp., fr. the Mexican name of the cacao. Cf. Cacao, Cocoa.] 1. A paste or cake composed of the roasted seeds of the Theobroma Cacao ground and mixed with other ingredients, usually sugar, and cinnamon or vanilla. [1913 Webster] 2. The beverage made by dissolving a portion of the paste or cake in boiling water or milk. [1913 Webster] Chocolate house, a house in which customers may be served with chocolate. Chocolate nut. See Cacao. [1913 Webster]


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