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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Ruta graveolens Ruta graveolens n : European strong-scented perennial herb with gray-green bitter-tasting leaves; an irritant similar to poison ivy [syn: rue, herb of grace]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Ruta graveolens Rue \Rue\, n. [F. rue, L. ruta, akin to Gr. ?; cf. AS. r?de.] 1. (Bot.) A perennial suffrutescent plant (Ruta graveolens ), having a strong, heavy odor and a bitter taste; herb of grace. It is used in medicine. [1913 Webster] Then purged with euphrasy and rue The visual nerve, for he had much to see. --Milton. [1913 Webster] They [the exorcists] are to try the devil by holy water, incense, sulphur, rue, which from thence, as we suppose, came to be called herb of grace. --Jer. Taylor. [1913 Webster] 2. Fig.: Bitterness; disappointment; grief; regret. [1913 Webster] Goat's rue. See under Goat. Rue anemone, a pretty springtime flower (Thalictrum anemonides ) common in the United States. Wall rue, a little fern (Asplenium Ruta-muraria) common on walls in Europe. [1913 Webster] Rutin \Ru"tin\ (r[udd]"t[i^]n), n. (Chem.) A glucoside resembling, but distinct from, quercitrin. Rutin is found in the leaves of the rue (Ruta graveolens) and other plants, and obtained as a bitter yellow crystalline substance which yields quercitin on decomposition. [1913 Webster]


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