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English → English (gcide) Definition: Lunisolar precession Precession \Pre*ces"sion\, n. [L. praecedere, praecessum, to go before: cf. F. pr['e]cession. See Precede.] The act of going before, or forward. [1913 Webster] Lunisolar precession. (Astron.) See under Lunisolar. Planetary precession, that part of the precession of the equinoxes which depends on the action of the planets alone. Precession of the equinoxes (Astron.), the slow backward motion of the equinoctial points along the ecliptic, at the rate of 50.2[sec] annually, caused by the action of the sun, moon, and planets, upon the protuberant matter about the earth's equator, in connection with its diurnal rotation; -- so called because either equinox, owing to its westerly motion, comes to the meridian sooner each day than the point it would have occupied without the motion of precession, and thus precedes that point continually with reference to the time of transit and motion. [1913 Webster] Lunisolar \Lu"ni*so"lar\, a. [L. luna moon + E. solar: cf. F. lunisolaire.] Resulting from the united action, or pertaining to the mutual relations, of the sun and moon. [1913 Webster] Lunisolar precession (Astron.), that portion of the annual precession of the equinoxes which depends on the joint action of the sun and moon. Lunisolar year, a period of time, at the end of which, in the Julian calendar, the new and full moons and the eclipses recur on the same days of the week and month and year as in the previous period. It consists of 532 common years, being the least common multiple of the numbers of years in the cycle of the sun and the cycle of the moon. [1913 Webster]


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