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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Bryonia dioica Bryonia dioica n : bryony having fleshy roots pale green flowers and very small red berries; Europe; North Africa; western Asia [syn: red bryony , wild hop]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Bryonia dioica Bryonin \Bry"o*nin\, n. (Chem.) A bitter principle obtained from the root of the bryony (Bryonia alba and Bryonia dioica). It is a white, or slightly colored, substance, and is emetic and cathartic. [1913 Webster] Bryony \Bry"o*ny\ (br[imac]"[-o]*n[y^]), n. [L. bryonia, Gr. brywni`a, fr. bry`ein to swell, esp. of plants.] (Bot.) The common name of several cucurbitaceous plants of the genus Bryonia. The root of Bryonia alba (rough bryony or white bryony) and of Bryonia dioica is a strong, irritating cathartic. [1913 Webster] Black bryony, a plant (Tamus communis) so named from its dark glossy leaves and black root; black bindweed. [1913 Webster] ||


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