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English → English (WordNet) Definition: Amia calva Amia calva n : primitive long-bodies carnivorous freshwater fish with a very long dorsal fin; found in sluggish waters of North America [syn: bowfin, grindle, dogfish]
English → English (gcide) Definition: Amia calva Lawyer \Law"yer\, n. [From Law, like bowyer, fr. bow.] 1. One versed in the laws, or a practitioner of law; one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients, or to advise as to prosecution or defence of lawsuits, or as to legal rights and obligations in other matters. It is a general term, comprehending attorneys, counselors, solicitors, barristers, sergeants, and advocates. [1913 Webster] 2. (Zo["o]l.) (a) The black-necked stilt. See Stilt. (b) The bowfin (Amia calva). (c) The burbot (Lota maculosa). [1913 Webster] Philadelphia lawyer, A lawyer knowledgeable about the most detailed and minute points of law, especially one with an exceptional propensity and ability to exploit fine technical points of law for the client's advantage. [PJC] Mudfish \Mud"fish`\, n. (Zo["o]l.) (a) The European loach. (b) The bowfin (Amia calva). (c) The South American lipedosiren, and the allied African species (Protopterus annectens). See Lipedosiren. (d) The mud minnow, a fish of the genus Umbra or family Umbridae. (e) any fish which lives in muddy waters, such as the mummichog, a killifish. [1913 Webster +PJC] Cycloganoidei \Cy`clo*ga*noi"de*i\ (s?“kl?-g?-noi”d?-?), n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. ky`klos circle + NL. ganoidei. See Ganoid.] (Zo["o]l.) An order of ganoid fishes, having cycloid scales. The bowfin (Amia calva) is a living example. [1913 Webster] Dogfish \Dog"fish`\, n. (Zo["o]l.) 1. A small shark, of many species, of the genera Mustelus, Scyllium, Spinax, etc. [1913 Webster] Note: The European spotted dogfishes (Scyllium catudus, and Scyllium canicula) are very abundant; the American smooth, or blue dogfish is Mustelus canis; the common picked, or horned dogfish (Squalus acanthias) abundant on both sides of the Atlantic. [1913 Webster] 2. The bowfin (Amia calva). See Bowfin. [1913 Webster] 3. The burbot of Lake Erie. [1913 Webster] Bowfin \Bow"fin`\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A voracious ganoid fish (Amia calva) found in the fresh waters of the United States; the mudfish; -- called also Johnny Grindle, and dogfish. [1913 Webster]


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